Our Bed Bug Removal Experts Offer Peace Of Mind

Do you have bed bugs in your home, apartment or condo? Don’t toss out your mattresses, pillows and other soft furnishings. ThermaPure Texas can quickly address your problem and have you sleeping tight in your hotel room or college dorm no time! Our bed bug exterminators offer an exclusive, cutting-edge technique that completely eradicates the pesky insect for residential and commercial clients in Houston, San Antonio, Austin and surrounding areas. Our proven heat treatment uses less pesticides than traditional extermination methods, which ensures that fewer residues will be left behind in your hospital, clinic, doctors office or government facility.

Once you contact our bed bug specialists in Houston, San Antonio and Austin, we will:

  • Identify the problem and extent of your infestation
  • Communicate what initial preparation must be done before our exclusive bed bug service
  • Eliminate the problem using our specialized equipment and products
  • Back our work with an industry-leading warranty

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Why Choose ThermaPure Texas for Bed Bug Extermination

Efficiency & Eco-Friendly

Our bed bug exterminators introduce pure, clean heat to a treatment area to kill eggs, nymphs and adults. That means:

  • Less pesticides are used
  • Only one treatment is required
  • Little preparation is needed on your part
  • Air pollutants, viruses, bacteria, and allergens are reduced

Credibility & Experience

Find our bed bug experts in some of Texas’ biggest cities, including Dallas, Houston, San Antonio and Austin.  We offer:

  • Entomologist on staff
  • Nationwide network of bed bug experts
  • 6 years of experience exterminating bed bugs
  • Honest prices for our cutting-edge treatment